Carmelite Vedruna Leader Pays a Visit to the UI Office

Maria Jose Meira (Dede) the provincial sister of the Carmelite Vedrunas in the 13 American countries where the sisters are in mission, visited the Vedruna sisters in the United States in April and spent a day in New York at the United Nations and UNANIMA. Maria Jose is from Brazil and has a special place in her heart for UNANIMA. She remembers our intervention and support of the Brazilian campesinos who lost their land in a dispute over rights with the large landowners (Dandara 2011). Many things about her visit impressed her, but Dede repeated the same thought a few times ‘ how can they/we do so much, when the space and the staff is so small’. An echo of many who pass through the office…but, Dede is a firm believer in the power of the Ruah. We see Her sacred presence everywhere. Dede and Maureen thank the UNANIMA staff for a gracious welcome.