UNANIMA in Ethiopia

While visiting Ethiopia, UNANIMA board member Roselle Santivasi MSC was asked to speak to some religious in Addis Abba about UNANIMA and trafficking. Expecting just a few people, she readily agreed …and found herself speaking for two half- days to 50 members of the Ethiopian Conference of Religious Men and Women! But the Spirit came down when summoned, and Roselle shared the story of UI and its work. The group recognized the value of the Stop the Demand campaign, and (referring to UI’s method of developing action plans) they developed a strategy for planning a working group to network with the Conference of Bishops office and other agencies that assist trafficked individuals. Many women are trafficked from Ethiopia, and babies are trafficked through agencies that prey on teenage unwed mothers. Boys are lured to work in South Africa, only to disappear. The moral of this story is: be prepared to talk about UNANIMA, everywhere you go!