Wanted: Good/Bad Examples

The UN is deep into the discussion of “Partnerships” as a way to fund its many global goals. Many among the NGO community are worried that it will promote “business as usual” attitudes and allow large multinational corporations too much control. The Natural Resources Defense Council, a non-profit environmental advocacy group, is asking for grassroots input – they want to learn about examples of partnerships that work, or problems with such partnerships.

Do you know of any examples in your country? If the partnerships are doing harm, the NRDC will push for their reform. They have worked with partners all over the world to defend communities and their natural resources from damaging developers, and have brought hundreds of lawsuits against government and polluters.  If you have an example, e-mail Jacob Scherr, the Director of Global Strategy and Advocacy at the NRDC, at  [email protected]. He will take your comments in your own language!