Campaign Overview

Water is not only necessary for producing our food, our manufactured goods, our energy—it is necessary to life. Most organisms first developed in water, and this origin is reflected in the composition of their cells. And while many can live for a significant time without food, most cannot survive without it.

Most of our planet is composed of this sustaining resource. However, relatively little water is available for drinking or other human use; most of it is salt water, and much of the earth’s fresh water is either polluted or trapped in ice caps or glaciers.

It has been suggested that nations would be willing to go to war competing for scarcer water supplies. Shifting weather patterns have resulted in droughts in some countries, while flooding occurs in others. Recent migrations in African countries are due to environmental changes that have created shortages—increasing poverty and hunger, and sprouting new populations of “climate refugees.” Global warming has manifested itself in rising sea levels, which may soon cause entire island states to abandon their homes and join the swelling numbers of displaced peoples. In areas of water shortage, women and children are often the ones who collect and provide it to their families and communities—sometimes from sources miles from their homes. The dangers that accompany them as they travel place them as a prime target of kidnapping and trafficking.

Therefore, water is a central concern for UNANIMA—impacting as it does each area of our mission statement: women and children, poverty, trafficking, immigrants and refugees, water, climate change, and the integrity of the earth.

UNANIMA envisions a world where access to life-giving water is a right for all life forms on the planet. We seek to implement a holistic water ethic that takes into consideration not only securing drinking water for all persons no matter their income or social class, but also environmental phenomena like coral bleaching, increased salinity, sand harvesting, and more that prove detrimental to ecosystems both big and small. We affirm that water has its own value and intrinsic right outside its usefulness to humans, and that as a public commons and good, water should not be commodified and must be preserved for all times, not just this generation. Join us in drawing the connections between water and life and discovering venues for advocacy.

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