Youth Campaign Continues

Simon Peter Aziabah from Ghana sends this report regarding his follow-up to UNANIMA’s STOP THE DEMAND youth workshop last May.

The campaign was with youth in Kandiga, Navrongo, Ghana. Objectives included to discourage the youth from human trafficking especially on the demand side, and to discuss the effects of human trafficking on the victims and society as a whole.

The youth were informed about what might be required of them if they were trafficked: hawking, bar or restaurant attendance, cleaning or washing of dishes in chop bars and worse of all prostitution. All of these have the potential to destroy their education and even their future and also might inflict great health hazards on them…

Although they are potential victims of human trafficking, they are also potential traffickers or demanders for trafficked victims, for traffickers and users were once just like them.

…They were also advised to avoid anything which could lead to the trafficking of women and children such as exploiting prostitutes or using under-aged children as waiters and waitresses…

Click here to download Simon Peter’s full report.