Your Wonderful UNANIMA Board

Here they are—a very talented group of women, loaned to us by your communities! Some travel literally halfway around the world two times a year. Board meetings are intense, busy, but fun-filled. From left to right, (back row standing): Barb Pavlic SNJM, Kathleen Butler CSB, Ellen Sinclair SDS, Stacy Hanrahan CND, Pat Kenny RSC, Fran Gorsuch CBS, Denise O’Brien SUSC, Cecilia Nya SHCJ, Roselle Santivasi MSC, Kathleen Ries CSA; (seated): Margaret Scott ACI, Lucille Goulet SSA, Kathleen Scanlon RJM, Suzanne Sims OSU, Maria Antoinieta Trimpay SP, Claudette Darisse SASV; (front row): Michele Morek OSU, Maureen Foltz CCV, Sylvia Obrigewitsch NDS.