World Water Day

Even though you must have thought we missed it (on March 22) your UNANIMA board was right on time. At the board meeting on March 1-3 they voted in the following resolution:

UNANIMA International, an NGO in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, “collaborates with individuals, groups, organizations, and especially the UN to protect…access to life-giving water (as) an essential right for all life forms.”

As part of that mission, the governing board of UNANIMA International has resolved to speak out against resource extractive methods that are damaging to water, including certain forms of coal / shale seam gas mining (e.g. “fracking” or hydraulic fracturing) until technologies exist that are proven safe to groundwater supplies.

The world-wide issue of groundwater contamination is particularly troublesome now, with the increased pressure for new sources of fossil fuel driving energy corporations to use methods not proven safe for the environment. UNANIMA groups around the world will be using the resolution in their local / regional / national lobbying efforts on water-related issues in their areas. “Think globally, act locally!” You might want to see Jessica Ernst’s resources on