Woman of Courage 2016!

1UNANIMA is proud to announce that the recipient of our 2016 Woman of Courage Award is Meera Karunananthan! Meera was born in Sri Lanka and educated in Quebec, Canada, and is truly a global citizen with a global conscience. Fearlessly, she led a two-year global coalition for the human right to water to be named in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development—there was no member state too big or small for her to engage! Her campaign is lauded as one of the strongest rights-based campaigns during the negotiations for a new sustainable development agenda! Meera organizes the Council of Canadians’ public access-to-water campaign, called the Blue Planet Project. She mobilizes public opposition to privatization of water and bulk water exports while organizing grassroots political movements in many countries.


Meera is a young, water justice warrior who has helped people and planet immensely in her advocacy and action. We are inspired by her courage, determination, and leadership. We are confident that the work she put forward on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will continue to help hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.


Our Woman of Courage Award is given annually to a woman, nominated by a UNANIMA congregation, who has displayed courage through her actions in the face of adversity; whose actions reflect and support the values and promoted by the UN; and whose work relates to one of the major areas of concern for UNANIMA. There is no doubt that Meera embodies all of these qualifications—she joins a list of phenominal woman leaders awarded since 2008. Congratulations, Meera, and thank you to the Sisters of Sion for nominating her!