Woman Of Courage 2014

On October 18 the seventh annual award for Woman of Courage was given to Rose Mapendo—and “courage” is a good word to 1describe her! We chose Rose for the award as a representative of women who suffer from war and violence, especially those who are refugees. During a civil war in the Congo, her family was imprisoned in a death camp, where she saw her husband tortured and killed. Rose and her seven children lived there for over a year, amid starvation and threats of torture. While in the camp she gave birth to twins, tying off their umbilical cords with strands of her hair. In a supreme act of forgiveness, she named the two babies after the men who murdered her husband. This so impressed the wife of one of those men that she began bringing food to the family, which kept them alive until they were rescued by an NGO.


Instead of giving in to bitterness and hatred, Rose cited her deep faith in Jesus Christ as the source of her strength. Instead of seeking revenge, Rose created a foundation to help other refugees around the world. Her foundation has helped thousands of refugees who have survived physical, psychological, and social trauma. She has many friends, family and supporters around Phoenix Arizona, USA, where she lives now. (Rose, left; two of her children, below.) For any of our friends who would like to donate to her work, it is


2The Rose Mapendo Foundation

c/o Partners in Action

7729 East Greenway Road #500

Scottsdale, AZ 85260   USA