What the Girls are Doing

With the Commission for the Status of Women (CSW60) coming up soon, the Working Group on Girls (WGG) has been busy preparing for girls around the world who will gather in New York for the Commission. The WGG hosts a Teen Orientation, side events on girls’ rights, violence, education, and advocacy, and makes an oral intervention–written and delivered by girls. WGG and other girls’ groups strongly believe that to achieve women’s empowerment and gender equality, girls must be empowered. This year, much of WGG’s advocacy focuses on giving girls a seat at the table in negotiations and planning for the implementation of the 2030 agenda. Girls are the future, 2030 is their time, and their voices deserve to be heard and respected! UNANIMA has arranged for two of the girls to get passes to CSW60.

–submitted by Tori Larson