Welcome to the Congregation of Mary!

UNANIMA now has 21 member congregations. Our new member, the Marist sisters (SM), will tell you their own story:


The Marist Sisters are a small international Congregation, present in fourteen countries around the world – in Europe, South America, North America and Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Originated in post-Revolution France, it was born of a simple idea: a religious family, bearing the name of Mary, who would live her spirit, aspiring – to think, to judge, to feel, to act as Mary. (Jean-Claude Colin, Founder)

Their two founders, Jean-Claude Colin and Jeanne-Marie Chavoin, had a deep sense of God’s call to be instruments of divine mercy, bringing healing, reconciliation, respect and compassion to all, especially to those who find themselves on the margins of society and Church.  So there are Marist Sisters in schools and hospitals, in prisons and parishes, in the homes of the poor and centres for the homeless. You find them alongside the displaced, the frightened, the lost, the searching, the grieving. They are involved in anti-trafficking groups, justice and peace organisations and local action groups providing a voice for the voiceless. Living the Gospel message of love and mercy – attuned to the needs of the people among whom we live – has been, and always will be, the Marist way.

It is fitting that the Marist Sisters should be accepted as a member group of UNANIMA in 2016… the bi-centenary of the Fourvière Promise to begin the Society of Mary!

For more, see Marist Sisters’ Website: