Welcome interns

Jan O’Neill, Brigidine from New South Wales in Australia, and Michele Morek, Ursuline from Mount Saint Joseph, Maplemount Kentucky, USA, started their short-term internship experience on 15 January 2011.

Here is what they have to say:

From Jan: Friday is the end of an incredibly informative week, the commencement of my first week of internship with UNANIMA International. I’ve been assured that the learning curve is steep, so this is from the foothills.  The past 6 days have been ones of listening, learning, and being led.  What has impressed me enormously is the dedication of so many NGOs in so many areas of need.  As I attended the various meetings, I feel myself drawn this way and then that, because of the urgencies of human need.

From Michele: After only one week, my consciousness has been raised 502% about the role and importance of the United Nations is our world.  I’m so proud of the influence that religious women and men can bring to bear on the shaping of UN documents, resolutions and policies.  This is a fantastic learning experience for me – and I am collecting ideas and resources “for the folks back home.”

Don’t forget the second opportunity to apply for a short-term internship beginning at the end of September 2011 will be coming soon!