We Are Not Waiting!

So, how shall UNANIMA contribute to this important discussion? At its fall meeting, the UNANIMA board considered a remarkable piece of work submitted by the Social Justice Office of the Sisters of Saint Anne in Montreal. Renaude Gregoire (pictured left) of that office studied the evolution of the purpose / content of the MDGs, as well as many other UN documents and UNANIMA’s own objectives, and came up with a set of proposed “Sustainable Development Goals.” The communities in Canada have been using this set of goals for their discussion, and the dialogue is now spreading to Ireland! See what you think of these as our “own” SDGs, which we could use to form the basis of our lobbying efforts at the United Nations, as the work goes forward there:

  • Ensure a Social Protection Floor
  • Ensure Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Ensure Access to Sustainable Energy
  • Ensure Access to Safe Water
  • Preserve Biodiversity
  • Promote Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • Promote Healthy Land and Oceans
  • Promote Air Quality
  • Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
  • Promote Partnerships for Sustainable Development

If you would like to make any comments / suggestions, or to support these as our “UNANIMA SDGs” you can contact [email protected] …in any case, feel free to use these as a basis for your own discussion.  And we thank Renaude for leading us forward! In the next few Updates we will explain each of these goals in greater detail.