Vatican Trafficking Consultation

consultationAll sisters who reported thought that the consultation with the Vatican went well. The Holy Father feels very deeply about ending this “vile trade.” There were over 80 participants/ observers, including 13 women religious, bishops, police, NGOs, clergy, and medical staff. Observers quickly became participants, and were free to make comments, ask questions, and submit proposals… which meant that the reality of human trafficking from the grassroots level was presented.  Mary Patricia Mulhall CSB and Jean Schafer SDS represented UNANIMA; Jean sent us a copy of the outcome document, “Statement on Trafficking in Human Beings,” which is posted on the home page of the UNANIMA website, under “Latest Resources.” Patricia (seen in the picture to the right of the Pope) also attended on behalf of ACRATH and TRAC- UK, and sent her report for us—posted at the same place on our website. The conference was the first of three; another will be held in 2014 and 2015. There is a report on the meeting on the Catholic News Service, at the link: