Universal Periodic Review


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Do you want to hold your country accountable for what it claims it is doing to honor your human rights? There is actually a way to do this through a process initiated by the UN Human Rights Council–the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). Follow the directions in the next paragraph to find a Power Point tutorial on the UN UPR in all four languages. You can find the same presentation on this page: Also posted in this section  (under Resources) is an example of a “Shadow Report”on childtrafficking, prepared for the Human Rights review of the United States this year by Edmund Rice International and co-sponsored by UNANIMA. Here is the link to that report:


To access and download the UPR tutorial Power Point in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese, follow this link:

Once there, select the document in your language. On the following page, click the blue “download” button on the top right hand side (if necessary choose the “direct download” option given on some computers), and save it to your computer.

If you have any trouble accessing the tutorial, email Victoria at [email protected]