UNANIMA Submits Written Intervention for CSocD

Three present and former UNANIMA interns participated in the submission of a written intervention for the Commission for Social Development (CSocD), which will take place 1-10 February 2017. The entire UNANIMA staff helped write the statement, which addresses the theme of the Commission, “Strategies for the eradication of poverty to achieve sustainable development for all.” Using the life experiences and knowledge of the interns and staff, the statement focuses on how “land is life” for indigenous peoples, and how one of the best strategies for dealing with poverty among populations of indigenous peoples is to keep them from becoming poor in the first place, i.e. by preserving their land, culture, and traditional practices. Deya Garcia SDS, Noeli Massoni CCV, and former intern Nonata Bezerra SND contributed to the statement. If accepted, it will be put in the UN document system and posted on the UNANIMA website.