UNANIMA representatives talk

Among the UNANIMA International delegates to the Commission were JoAnn Showalter, SP, and Michele Morek, OSU, and Sally Duffy, SNJMA.  Here are a few of their comments.

Sally reported that for her the most frightening presentation that she heard regarding the situation of sustainability was by Jeffrey Sachs, Professor at Columbia, during the dialog of civil society with the government. You can access it by clicking here.

From JoAnn:  At CSD-19..(t) here were many occasions where negotiations would go for hours and progress made on 2 or 3 paragraphs. The main protagonists seemed to be G77 plus China and the US. (In one of the journals reporting the events of the day, a commentator said) … it was possible that negotiators  and governments would rather trade concessions at Rio + 20 (This is the meeting that will be held next June)…. We were able to insert comments about water (at the women’s caucus) because of their small group. …

From the beginning of a longer report by Michele who ended her 4-month internship with us with this Commission meeting:

It has been a fascinating experience to see a “policy year” of a United Nations commission. Delegates were much more focused on a final “product” and the NGOs and other Major Groups worked furiously at their last chance to influence what comes out of this session. It was interesting to see how each of the different commissions organizes themselves; the CSD seemed better organized and more “user friendly” than the others, though part of that may be because I knew better what to expect. It was great to watch the Major Groups working together, and I enjoyed the interaction at the morning briefings. I saw more of the behind-the-scenes negotiating by NGOs for time to speak to the delegates, and had my first real contact with missions…

Michele’s full report can be read by clicking here.