UNANIMA International in Haiti

Lucille Goulet SSA, board member of UNANIMA International recounted the plight of women and children in Haiti she visited in a recent trip to Haiti. Many are still housed in tents that were donated by the international community shortly after the earthquake 9 months ago in January. There is little international presence now in contrast to a country overrun by internationals in the first weeks after the earthquake. Only about 1/3 of the rubble has been cleared away making it very difficult for any kind of reconstruction to begin.

Women and children still live in the tents donated for temporary housing shortly after the quake.  Since then the rainy season has come and many of these tents have mildewed causing allergic reactions for those who have to live in them. The women also experience much violence because no security is afforded them in these tents and any of the security forces assisting in maintaining order in the first days after the quake have long been gone.

During the earthquake the schools run by the Sisters of Saint Anne were destroyed.  One of these schools in particular served those living in the worst poverty. Who will provide any education for these children now that there school is gone and there are no resources to rebuild?

For more information visit the web site of the Sisters of Saint Anne.