UNANIMA Has More Good Interns!

Meet the interns, Maria Deyanira Garcia Martinez SDS of Colombia, and Noeli Maria Massoni CCV of Brazil (Deya at left, Noeli at right):


Maria Deyanira Garcia Martinez SDS (Sisters  of the Divine Savior) is from Colombia, South America. After high school she studied Education Sciences, with specializations in Catechesis and Educational Management. For her whole religious life she has worked in schools, teaching, pastoral activities and helping in administration. She also organized “Missionary Groups” with 10th and 11th grade girls who wanted to engage in personal formation and to help village people with all kinds of needs, especially celebrating Christmas and Holy Week. She has felt a real call to mission, ministering in Colombia, Ecuador, and Nazareth (Israel). During school vacations in Nazareth she helped some sisters who were working against human trafficking in Amman, Jordan. Since her return from Israel last year, she has been working in Wisconsin USA, for Mission Appeals.

In her first two weeks with UNANIMA Deya says she has found a warm welcome in the office (and in New York, which has been having a heat wave!) She has enjoyed participating in various meetings and working with other NGOs, especially those dealing with migrants and trafficking. She says the 71st UN General Assembly has opened her mind and eyes to what is happening around the world.


Noeli Maria Massoni CCV (Carmelite Sisters of Charity Vedruna), from Brazil, has been in the USA for one year. Her education was in Administrative Sciences with specializations in Human Rights and Bioethics Resource Management. She worked in public school teaching children and adolescents from poor neighborhoods in Campinas SP. In other diverse activities she led a reception / support center for Adolescent Street Children; participated in CBJP (the Brazilian Commission for Justice and Peace); and also in CIJP, the Intercontinental Commission for Justice and Peace of the Congregation of Carmelite Sisters of Vedruna. Committed to the Basic Ecclesial Communities, she has always been engaged in pastoral social ministry and in movements promoting justice and human dignity, such as the network “A Cry for Life”, which operates pastoral settlements. In the USA she worked with a community of Hispanic migrants in Georgetown DE.


In her early days at UNANIMA she says she feels grateful, happy, and excited, and is enjoying it a lot. She values and believes in inter-congregational work and networking, and this experience is providing her with a comprehensive perspective, through meetings in the UN and with other NGOs on Migrants and Refugees, Indigenous Peoples, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking. The experience is also broadening her knowledge base, and strengthening her commitment to the cause of the excluded.