UNANIMA Board Meeting

The board met late in September, talking about policies and UNANIMA activities, interesting things and boring things, but generally enjoying each other and proud to be involved in a good project.  Here’s your chance to meet your congregation’s board representative: from left to right, beginning in front row…


fall 2013 board

Dianna Ortiz OSU, Barb Pavlic SNJM, Kathleen Ries CSA, Cecilia Nya SHCJ, Stacy Hanrahan CND, Margaret Scott ACI, Fran Gorsuch CBS, Mary Kaye Nealen SP, Pat Kenny RSC, Mary Jean Audette SUSC, Bathilda Heqoa  SNJM, Sally Ann Brickner OSF (for CSAs), Claudette Darisse SASV, Kathleen Butler CSB, Kathleen Scanlon RJM, Maureen Foltz CCV, and Sylvia Obrigewitsch NDS.

Not shown are Lucille Goulet SSA, Ellen Sinclair SDS, and Michele Morek OSU.