UN Signs Climate Agreement

All world leaders were invited to a signing ceremony on 22 April for the historic climate agreement reached in Paris in December last year. The signing event coincided with the UN observance of 2International Mother Earth Day. Ms. Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Coordinator of the Indigenous Women and Peoples Association of Chad, was selected to represent civil society at the ceremony. She gave a dynamic description of the climate-related situation in Chad, saying “Climate Change is adding poverty to poverty every day! If you don’t increase finance for adaptation, soon there will be no one left to adapt.” Here is a link to her five- minute talk:


The ceremony was not dull: 197 children, each one representing a different country, shouted at us to take action for their sake; US Secretary of State John Kerry carried his granddaughter up with him to signed the document; Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave a remarkable speech and proved to be a “rock star” with the crowd; many famous environmental activists were present—Evo Morales of Bolivia, Al Gore of the US, and film actor Leonardo DiCaprio who is a UN Ambassador for Peace.


Now we must translate signatures into ratification! Many countries had already ratified the agreement (most of them small island developing states) and more were expected to do so over the course of the event. If you can, pressure your governments into ratification.