UN Ready for Work

UNHere are some highlights of some September UN events:

  • The UN convenes on September 17.
  • CSD-20 (the Commission on Sustainable Development) will have its formal closing from 10-1 on September 20.
  • The HLPF (High Level Political Forum that replaced CSD) will be on September 23-24.
  • General UN General Assembly debate begins September 24.
  • NGOs will have a briefing on the MDGs on September 25.
  • The UNANIMA board will meet September 26-28.

See the UNANIMA webpage home page (“Latest Resources”) for more. Most of these events will be webcast. Since national leaders are here for many of those days, NGOs will be shut out of the UN for security reasons—so your New York office will join you in watching the webcasts!