UN Closed for Renovation?

GA HallBut not really closed! If you were planning to come see the UN General Assembly Hall any time soon, you are too late. Visitors arriving for tours at the UN come in a side gate, and tour a very limited part of the Secretariat Building and the Security Council room (if the SC is not in session). The post office, book store and gift shop occupy tiny spaces in the basement of the library. The old public section will be closed for about two years. The General Assembly now meets in a temporary building (the North Lawn Building) where most meetings have been held for the last two years. The rest of us have moved back to the renovated meeting rooms, which look very nice and have plenty of electrical outlets! The renovation was badly needed, as the structure had not been updated since it was built in the late 1940’s. The already-leaking roof was not helped by Hurricane Sandy. The NGO community and Indigenous Peoples Forum enjoyed “inaugurating” the new meeting rooms.