Tweet for NGO CSocD

The NGO Committee on Social Development is working hard to create interest in the February 2016 meeting of the UN Commission on Social Development (CSocD). As the first UN Commission to be held after the approval of the Sustainable Development Goals, there is a great deal of interest in the procedures it will set up. NGOs are hoping it will create some good precedents relating to how much civil society is allowed to participate. With the rest of the NGO Executive Committee, Michele has visited some of the UN ambassadors and staff who are members of the “Bureau” (like a steering committee) – notably the Romanian Ambassador (the new chair of the Bureau of the Commission on Social Development) and the vice-chair from the Dominican Republic. Both seemed pleased to have a promise of help from civil society, and we hope that provision can be made for more NGO participation.


The theme of the Commission this year is “Rethinking and Strengthening Social Development in the Contemporary World.” You can join the social media campaign, running from mid-November until the February 3-12 Commission. It you Tweet, follow @NGO_CSocD or like them on Facebook