The Sisters of the Assumption

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On 8 September 1853, the Church of Canada welcomed the new religious congregation of The Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The congregation was founded in Quebec in the parish of St. Gregory the Great in the diocese of Three Rivers. Several factors came together to bring about the foundation:

• The parishioners had a strong interest in education.

• The pastor, Jean Harper, wanted teaching sisters to educate the young women there and

• he was unable to recruit any of the existing congregations.

• Four young women of the area who were already qualified to teach wanted to become religious.

So it was that Léocadie Bourgeois, Mathilde Leduc, Hedwidge Buisson et Julie Héon came to found a new religious congregation “woven of the same cloth as the country.”


The charism of charity and faith in Providence given to us by our founder has been passed on to the members, from generation to generation:

With Mary Our Lady of the Assumption, we stake everything on God to reveal the Father’s love through education.

Guided by this, the sisters have moved forward for 157 years and have responded to the human and ecclesial community in teaching, education in the faith, promotion of the arts, with a special attention to youth, to women and to those who are the poorest in society.

Talitha, the girls who live in the streets in Brazil, in the states of Maranhao, Pernambuco and Alagoas

Where we are

The Sisters are spread throughout the world and are a part of many different communities.

Forum in Quebec (Chapter)
Young Japanese Students

The Sisters also work in Brazil, the United States and Ecuador.  They have worked in Burundi, the Ivory Coast, New Caldonia, Cambodia as well as in Haiti.
Members of UNANIMA International

The Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin have been members of UNANIMA International since March 2009. Their representative is Sister Mariette Milot, (Quebec), assisted by Sister Claudette Darisse (USA).


Because of its “YES TO THE BLUE PLANET” at the chapter of 2000, the SASV put their efforts into environmental action, especially during the construction of a pavilion for their older sisters. With architects, engineers and contractors, they worked to realize the “three Rs ” of reuse, recycle and reduce. They received the Quebec “Visionary” prize for having boldly made a commitment to the environment.

Because of this award, the Congregation was recognized in various newspapers across Canada:

“In what is a world first, the religious congregation of Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, Nicolet, Quebec, sold carbon credits equal to 16 747 tonnes of CO2 …. The beginning of this transaction was in 2005 when the congregation began renovating its buildings. The sisters then replaced their old oil boilers with electric furnaces and launched an extensive geothermal project, ”

Trafficking in Women

The SASV are also currently very active in the campaign against trafficking in women, particularly at sporting events. Their UNANIMA representative, in collaboration with members of another congregation, has produced a tool to raise awareness about the issue. The DVD and Facilitator’s Guide has been translated into English and in the near future will also be translated into Innu, Spanish and Portuguese.