The People’s Climate March: A Huge Success


1On September 21, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide marched to demand climate action. In New York City alone there were 400,000 people, joined globally by those at 2,646 events in 156 countries. Two days following the march, Ban Ki Moon hosted the UN Climate Summit at the NY Headquarters. 125 heads of state at that meeting have heard our call for change—not just words, but action and deliberate efforts for climate justice. The leaders acknowledged that “the people have spoken” and cannot be ignored.


UNANIMA marched with the interfaith group—dozens of religious organizations and peoples. There was a “Noah’s ark” featuring 2priests, rabbis, imams, indigenous elders, chickens, and even a unicorn! We put our faith into action, and walked with those affected most by the perils of climate change. Colorful signs called attention to the connection to food, water, energy, women, children, labor justice, poverty, fracking, agriculture…and called for political action on just about any justice issue for which we work.

It was an amazing experience to be at the march—over two miles long! Here are intern Judy Padasas CCV, UI Assistant Tori Larson, and Michele Morek OSU, marching with hundreds of groups from all 3walks of life and all over the world. Many other sisters from UNANIMA communities participated. The success of the march was in the diversity of the movement: “to change everything, we need everyone” ( “Organizing a big march is like throwing a rock in a pond: the splash is exciting, but the real beauty is in the ripples” (Groundswell). We can hardly wait to see the “ripples!”