Sustainable Development

Can you light your drinking water because of contamination by methane and other chemicals? UNANIMA International has been in the planning group for a side event to be held during the Commission on Sustainable Development at the UN Headquarters in New York City from 2 -13 May 2011.  The event entitled GASLAND: Is mining sustainable? will be held the evening of 3 May and will focus on the method of natural gas extraction called hydrofracturation or “fracking”.  During this event, part of the award-winning feature length documentary, GASLAND,  that describes the process of fracking and its damage to the drinking water of all in the region will be screened.  Following the screen two speakers will describe their own experiences with this process.  One of the speakers is Jessica Ernst, from Rosebud, Alberta, in Canada, whose well water became contaminated once drilling began in the area where she lives.  The second is Don Barber, the Town Supervisor of Caroline, New York.  He is a farmer and is actively working against theextraction of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale in the watershed for a region which includes New York City. The purpose of the event is provide education for participants whose homelands are susceptible to the manipulation of corporations who want to use this method of mining in their regions.

 UI has been in the planning for a second side event will take place on the evening of 4th May and will feature the Blue Planet Project, Food and Water Watch, and Why Hunger.  The title of the event is The Real Green Economy to alert those attending that some of the proposals coming under the title of the green economy are an attempt to cover up exploitation by corporations and/or government who want to make profit out of unsustaiunable practices of consumption and production.

UNANIMA International will be having a delegation of five members attending this event in addition to its regular staff members:  JoAnn Showalter, SP, Sally Duffy, ASNJM, Kathleen Ries, CSA, Michele Morek, OSU, and Renaude Gregoire, Social Justice Coordinator for the SSA. For more information on the commission click here  We will also be contacting UI members to give their input in preparation for the earth summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2012.