Survey Summary

We heard from all of our 18 communities, with a total of 726 responses. The responses in English came from 30 countries; French from 7; Portuguese from 4; and Spanish from 23 countries. Most of you who responded are aware of UNANIMA’s work and how your community interacts with it, think that its mission fits with that of your community, and think it important that your community is involved in global issues and the systemic causes of global problems.

Some things that were good for the UNANIMA staff to know: the Update is more popular than the website, and the Facebook page is least used by our members. In the Update, global issues are the most popular, followed by news from the UN and from other UI communities.  In response to the question “Are you interested in collaborating with other UI communities in your region,” 307 were NOT SURE; 285 said YES, and 130 said NO. We had many volunteers for regional contacts, so we will be in touch with you when life slows down just a little here—and we’ll see if we can change some of the “not sure” responses to “yes!”  We will also finish upgrading the website.

The areas of greatest interest to you in UNANIMA’s mission were women’s issues and poverty. Adding “environment” and “water” together would make that the next strongest, followed by trafficking/refugees. There were regional differences: women/ poverty were strongest in the Spanish questionnaires; trafficking/ women were the issues named by English speakers; poverty was the top issue of the Portuguese returns, and the French were equally divided among women / children / poverty. It was interesting to note that in the “free response” section (where you could name any three most urgent issues in your area) that—while the issues tended to be more specific–they almost always fell under one of major areas of UNANIMA focus. We are “on the same page.” Thanks for taking the survey!