Strategic Plan

In January 2011, officially the United Nations restructured its efforts on behalf of women: “This is a time of great promise,” said UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet, formerly President of Chile. “We have a historic opportunity to accelerate the achievement of what champions of gender equality have worked towards for years.” The organization merges the work previously carried out by four separate UN entities: UNIFEM, the Division for the Advancement of Women, the Office of Special Advisor on Gender to the Secretary General, and the UN Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women INSTRAW). Since its inception, Michelle Bachelet has been leading the effort to develop a strategic plan to carry out the mission of the new entity which was formed to better focus efforts for women at the UN.

The UN Women board has chosen four areas of special focus for UN Women:  violence against women, peace and security, leadership and participation, and economic empowerment.  To learn more about what is included in each area and how activities will be carried out click here .