RJM Students from Mexico Visit UN and UNANIMA

In early March, a group of young women from a secondary school in Mexico run by the Religious of Jesus and Mary, traveled to New York City to compete in a “Model UN” competition being held near UN Headquarters. Model UN is an extra-curricular activity in which secondary schools around the world are engaged. Schools form clubs much like debate teams that meet to practice constructing convincing arguments on an assigned topic. The difference between debate clubs and Model UN teams is that the topics assigned for discussion in Model UN focus specifically on the issues that were addressed at some point in history by the UN system. Students are thus placed in the roles of diplomats of a specific government or UN agency leaders and called upon to diplomatically resolve the issue at hand.

UNANIMA’s Jean Quinn and Teresa Blumenstein, had the pleasure of meeting with the RJM students while they were in New York. The group gathered in a hotel lounge and discussed what UNANIMA is, what purpose it serves at the UN, and what it is like to represent an NGO at the UN rather than a government or agency. The young women were full of questions, making the exchange a true delight for the UI Staff.

If your congregation is sending young people to the UN in the future, you are encourage to put their trip leaders in touch with the UI Staff to arrange a possible meeting during their stay. The Staff would love to get to know them!