We are watching our countries’ submissions for the Rio document, and we note that some of them read like a business plan, with no mention of climate change or the effects of some policies on the most vulnerable of the world. It is at the level of the state that these policies and directions are determined. What is the position of your government on the Rio issues of Sustainable Development and its three pillars of Social, Environmental, and Economic realities?

If you live in Mexico, Griselda Martinez Morales csj will be making a presentation about the UN and its religious NGOs, and their role in Rio+20. Take your lunch and laptop computer, and register with Griselda at [email protected]

The presentation will be held on March 17th, 2012, from 8:30-4:40 at
Instalaciones de la CIRM
Calle: Amores 1318, Col. Del Valle
Del. Benito Juarez, CP 03100
Mexico, DF