Report on Migration Activities

In light of the Syrian refugee crisis, you might want to know about some of UNANIMA’s activities in the area of migration. As an organization, our focus is on advocacy, networking, and education. We are active members on the NGO Migration Committee, on which we visit / try to influence member states, write papers to submit to the UN and the Geneva Human Rights Council, and collaborate on side events and other educational activities. Right now the committee is preparing for the World Humanitarian Summit in May, trying to bring migration and refugees to the forefront of the agenda; collaborating with the International Office on Migration and the UN Human Rights Council for upcoming meetings in Geneva in preparation for the summit and other commissions; and planning for the 2016 Global Forum on Migration and Development. In all these activities we as civil society try to keep the needs of people at the top of the agenda. Thanks to those of you who follow our “Tweets” on this and other issues!