Regional Networking

networkingFor two years we talked about creating a directory, so that sisters in different UNANIMA communities in various geographical areas could network with each other on issues of common interest. After all, different regions will be interested in different topics, not necessarily what UNANIMA is directly involved in!  However, the idea of creating (and MAINTAINING) a directory of 70,000—as much as we all move around and change e-mail addresses—was daunting and probably not a good use of our time. So we asked ourselves, “Why would we want to do this?” Well, to promote networking among our sisters.

So on the survey we asked if you would be interested in collaborating with other UNANIMA communities in your region…285 of you said YES (307 were not sure). Then we asked how many would be willing to serve as regional contact: 37 said YES and 85 said MAYBE).  We now have four lists of all those contact sisters (grouped by language) and they have all given permission to have their directory information shared with the others. We are now going to ask the sisters to look at the others in their general region, and contact each other to brainstorm about the next step.  Our idea was that they run their own operation …contacting each other when some regional issue asks for attention, sharing regional resources, maybe working on a project together.  Of course if there is any way the office here can help, we will, but we hope that this network idea will grow “organically,” instead of as a structure imposed from your New York office! If after hearing more about this, you want to be added to the networking list, contact [email protected]