Reflections on a UNANIMA Internship: Fall 2016

Noeli Massoni CCV

The internship time with UNANIMA is ending. It is time to collect what I will take from this experience to my life on mission for years to come. For me this time was a great and good lesson on the right to a life with dignity, justice, and peace for all people everywhere. It was a lesson that helped me open my eyes to widen my vision and look further, to open my mind and heart to think and act collectively, and to feel in my own skin the dream of humanity.

A three-month class—a time so short, but long enough to arouse new curiosities and concerns, new interests and commitments. A theoretical / practical class approach to UNANIMA, its connections with other NGOs and its space at the UN. A lesson taught by UNANIMA’s office staff and many other women and men, youth and adults we met, and with whom we shared dreams, anguish, restlessness and hope. Thanks to all. We will follow together even though we are walking different paths.

Deyanira Garcia SDS

This experience has encouraged me in my life and mission. Meeting people at the UN and in NGOs from many countries, races, colors, and languages, and learning about their work all over the world has been wonderful. I have learned about universal human rights, human trafficking, discrimination (for color, race, religion, poverty, disabilities…), climate change, social development, poverty, water, justice and peace, indigenous peoples, migrants, and refugees. I have heard reports from ambassadors, committee members, panelists with NGOs, and people from many nations. Before coming to the UN, I thought I understood it through the news, but that is superficial knowledge. Now I understand more clearly what the UN means, what it is doing, and how it plans to act on the 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” and to transform our world with the implementation of Agenda 2030. Now I have seen how many people try to be the voice of millions of voiceless people worldwide.  I also understand more that there can be no solutions without the cooperation and responsibility from each government / country. This opportunity gave me a new holistic vision of the world. Together we can build a new world.

The Salvatorian sisters’ charism commands us to “Go over the world, to all people, all races, all nations and help for all kind of needs, which GOD’S LOVE inspires you.” I know I can’t go everywhere but in my specific mission I can help people to be aware of all kinds of needs.