Ready for Rio?

Someone recently said they are already “tired of Rio.” (Rio+20 or the Sustainable Development Conference in Rio de Janeiro in June). But the UN is certainly energized by it. Even the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are expressing the need to work more closely with the UN to make things happen! UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon says it is one of the most significant global opportunities of our lifetime, a real “transformative juncture.” With more than 110 heads of state in attendance, it will be one of the largest summits in world history. It is more than just an ecology conference: the three pillars on which it is based—social, environmental, and economic —will ensure that it includes something of interest to all of us. And we NGOs have a status in the process that we have never had before; we have already strongly influenced the content of the meeting. In fact, if we had not “pushed” at the first Rio conference 20 years ago, the UN Commission on Sustainable Development probably would not have been established.

Here are some websites to check for further information (in various languages). This one gives information on Rio+20: . The “Zero Draft” is the document the UN family has been working on in preparation for Rio, and the latest version of that may be found at (connections to websites in Spanish and Portuguese).

French websites recommended by Renaude Grégoire include:

Québec : Développement durable et traite humaine CATHII : (French, English, Spanish, Portugese)

Afrique :

Finally, here is one that shows the link between climate change and human trafficking (with English, French, Spanish translations):