Phase II Workshop

UNANIMA International announces the 32 participants in the Youth Workshop, 28-30 May 2010. Varying in ages between 18 and 30, and coming from many corners of the world including Tamil Nadu and Mumbai in India, Negros Occidental in the Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Lesotho in Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States, these participants will have the challenge of learning about the demand side of human trafficking and designing the second phase of the UNANIMA International STOP THE DEMAND campaign.

What are they saying?

“I can share our advocacy and what we are doing here in the Philippines to the group… I believe they are applicable in other countries because we are facing the same problems globally… I think that spreading the message through the worldwide web will be an effective tool, but still, I would recommend face-to-face interaction among my peers such as conducting educations camps, forums, …like what we do here in the Philippines…” — Clydie Pasia, Philippines (Coalition against Trafficking in Women – Asia Pacific)

“I first became aware of human trafficking as a member of the Brigidine schools Justice and Democracy group…I was deeply shocked to learn of human trafficking…it was a blatant abuse of basic human decency….What shocked me most was that my own country Australia was implicated in these crimes…” — Tanith Margetson (Australia)

“The idea of human trafficking concerned and stressed me so deeply I had to do something… The most valuable thing I feel I can believe to this workshop is my first hand experience working with sexually exploited youth…” — Tamara Rondeau (Canada)

“I have worked with NGOs empowering children, help stop trafficking, help rehabilitating children and women trafficked to community development work in rural India.  A traditional system known as Devadasi (girls married to temple gods and serving as sex workers in the community) has now taken a turn of children and women from this community (caste) being trafficked to cities like Mumbai with religious tolerance for prostitution…” — Wesley Ebenezer (India)

“I am currently a sophomore at Marian University studying criminal justice… In high school, I was involved in a youth group to assist a community of ‘at risk kids.’ … Although I live in a small community, there is a share of ‘at risk’ youths that are in transit. They may not speak the English language properly and a predator can take advantage of this…I want to be part of the prevention of human trafficking.” — Tyler Donahue (USA)