Our “New” Website

If you visit the UNANIMA website, you might not notice anything new. But there are huge changes in the “skeleton” that let us edit it without hiring a consultant.  The old website was difficult to manage, and required specialized knowledge because of the mysterious “coding” underneath it all. Another thing you might not notice—there are no longer sections that are blank or that say “there are no activities in this area at this time.”  We took those out or placed the information elsewhere.

The most visible change is that instead of having the website translated into four languages, there is a “translation button” at the top right hand corner that will give the text in many languages. We hope this will make things easier for our Japanese, German, and other communities. Now, Google Translate is not perfect, but it is getting better all the time—and if you don’t think it’s a good translation, there’s a way for you to correct it! (Make the pointer “hover” over a particular piece of text; it will ask you if you have a suggestion for a better translation. Please try it out and let us know how it works for you).

Managing the website in four languages meant we were actually managing four websites, and the delay in getting it translated meant it was often not current. The surveys we did revealed that relatively few of our members actually use the website– and since we will continue to send out translated Updates, we are giving you most of the news as always. Any suggestions/ comments? Please pass them on to us.