The UNANIMA International youth workshop is almost a month past and Jessica and Catherine are working to leverage the interest and enthusiasm generated by the session into a more permanent global youth movement. We have contacted two young persons from each region covered by the workshop to ask them to serve as regional consultants to help build such a movement.

To give you a flavor for the outcomes of the session, hre are the personal commitments from two workshop participants:

  1. Work in fellowship with my partners and friends nationally and internationally and in that spirit of solidarity.
  2. Paint an image of dignity and humanity of men, women and children who are trafficked to all those who commodify women.
  3. Speak out in England to young Catholics and peers about trafficking and demand to educate, inform and inspire.
  4. Arrange presentations and talks with organizations and groups.
  5. Continue from this experience filled with awe, inspiration to live and model to men what it means to be a man.

Brenden Thompson UK

  1. Go back to local high school and give presentations on human trafficking from demand angle.
  2. Try to incorporate students into spreading message within schools.
  3. Speak with groups in wider community such as Scouts, Lions/Rotary groups, church groups, university groups (who work with young people).
  4. Write articles for student magazines.
  5. Connect with previous social justice groups.

Tanith Margetson, Australia

These are the regional commitments from the African participants


  1. To educate the youth about human trafficking and human dignity to stop the demand.
  2. To recruit youth ambassadors on stopping the demand in human trafficking.
  3. To make people understand their direct or indirect contribution to human trafficking.
  4. To involve public figures in the awareness campaign.
  5. To equip those responsible for the socialization of children (parents, teachers, etc.) with information about human trafficking and the demand contribution to disseminate to their children.