Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT)

Quiz your friends: What is the most inclusive of any world treaty? The NPT, because 190 countries are parties to it. The foundation for global efforts to achieve a world free from nuclear dangers, it has three main components: non-proliferation, disarmament, and peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The treaty is reviewed every five years to determine compliance and progress. It involves countries with nuclear weapons and those without—then there are the countries that have nuclear weapons but are not parties to the treaty!

Most UN member states continue to support the treaty as the cornerstone of nuclear disarmament efforts; it reduced the number of nuclear weapons from a high of 70,000 in the 80’s down to 17,000 today. But there is also a growing demand to ban them as illegal / immoral threats to humanity and the environment.nuclear

“To put it plainly, the world does not have the luxury of time when it comes to eliminating the dangers posed by nuclear weapons. Every day they remain in fallible human hands is a day we might experience a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe. Every day that catastrophe is averted must be counted as borrowed time.”

(Paul J. Loretz, Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Zero Tolerance, 2013. p.3).See                                —Contributed by: Stacy Hanrahan CND (“scared awake!”)