News Flashes/Resources

  • The Project BHARTI’ “THE HOME” was set up collaboratively by Jesuits and Carmelite sisters of Vedruna to respond to the needs of sexually abused minor girls in Vasai-Waliv. The “Home” works with girls between ages of 13-18 years, on the problem of sexual violence and trafficking in women. It provides boarding, lodging, skill oriented courses, counseling and trauma healing therapy. The home also works with victims of incest, rape and other forms of very brutal violence both physical as well as sexual. Several classes have been rehabilitated and passed through this home, and currently we have 22 girls. We work very closely with the Criminal Justice and also Juvenile Justice System. All these are carried out by networking with government and non-government NGOs.

  • Thanks to the communities who recently donated to some special projects at UNANIMA this year. Through their social justice fund, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary have helped support the “Stop the Demand” project in Kenya,” (in its second year) and the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus have made a donation toward the anti-trafficking workshop to be held in Ghana this April. And of course all of our communities support UNANIMA and are praying for the success of those projects!