News Flash Points

  • Water — precious, sacred, endangered globally — is a concern for everyone involved with UNANIMA. Sister of the Holy Child Terri MacKenzie’s Lent 2014 resource — I Thirst: A Lenten Journey from Desert to Garden is available free at . (Tengo Sed: Un Viaje Cuaresmal de Desierto a Jardin will be available at that site several weeks before Ash Wednesday.) On February 19th Terri’s blog post will offer a prayer service for Ash Wednesday that celebrates our “dust” having come from stardust. See
  • Speaking of Water, two Sisters of St. Agnes are working to establish a plant to produce Filtron clay pots in Rosita, Nicaragua. Now the Filtron pots, used to provide clean water for families, have to be transported 180 rough miles from Managua. A charity based in Fond du Lac Wisconsin will continue to help subsidize the pots, which cost $28 each.
  • In the Philippines, the Sisters of Sion have been working with farmers on agrarian reform—attending hearings, writing articles, and helping with a pilot project in organic farming. They are also helping to organize coconut farmers around several rights-based issues: training, organizing, rallying, and lobbying. They should talk to Nely Rodriguez!