New Interns

Two interns will be joining UNANIMA International for a three month experience beginning 19 September: Shiroma Carmalita, SDS, from Sri Lanka and Elizabeth Stortroen sponsored by the Cabrini Sisters from the Mother Cabrini Shrine in Colorado, United States.
Sister Shiroma will bring to UNANIMA her experiences with marginalized persons like the tea plucking people of Sri Lanka and the migrant women who have been abused in Jordan. She is especially interested in the UNANIMA experience to work for poverty eradication and raise awareness about the need to care for nature and the environment.
Beth describes herself as someone who, ever since she was a little girl has had a keen interest in politics and women’s issues. I was raised to fight for what I believed in and to stand up for my interests. I would like to be able to examine the issues of economic poverty, discrimination against women and children, migrants and refugees head on. She hopes that the internship will help grow into a better educated person who can, in turn, share this knowledge with others.
Welcome to both of you!