New Address for UNANIMA

On July 1 our new address will be (a few blocks away from our old office)

845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor, Office #671, NY NY 10022

The new building has its own phone service, so until we decide what we want to do about that, we will be using our cell numbers. Michele’s is 270 570 2938 and Tori’s is 781 626 2860. We will give you other information (like FAX #) later. In the meantime, we want to assure you that our celebratory spirit is alive and well: here in the new office are (left to right) Tori Laron, Ces Martin NDS, and Stacy Hanrahan CND. One of the sad things about the transition is that we will no longer be sharing an office with the International Presentation Association (we could not find an office large enough in our price range). But Ces, Stacy, Tori and Michele will still be together. We will have to have a party to christen our new office!