Moving Along with the SDGs

Much work has been done to mobilize around the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, but in many ways the hard work starts now. Our part is to be pioneers, advocates, implementers, campaigners, and watchdogs – and to ensure over the coming years that the promises made in 2015 are achieved. Last year we engaged in a series of meetings on how civil society should mobilize around the sustainable development agenda. Thanks to a group of NGOs, the building blocks of a strong and inclusive global platform have been established to support and connect civil society’s activities on sustainable development at local, national, regional and global levels. The platform will enable people to understand, engage, learn from each other and challenge decision-makers to be accountable for their sustainable development commitments. This platform is open to all members of civil society and is currently being facilitated by four global networks – CAN InternationalCIVICUSGCAP and IFP, over the coming months. You can read the Action Plan and engage on this specific timetable of activities.