Migrant Children’s Rights Document Goes to Geneva

UNANIMA joined the Center for Human Rights of Children and the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights in supporting an Alternative Report under the Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children (OPSC). The final version of the report focuses on issues of labor trafficking and forced labor.

This document will be presented before a closed session of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva on October 4. Representatives from the Center for the Human Rights of Children will present the report and respond to questions from the Committee. (This is an opportunity for the UN Committee members to learn more from NGOs about how effectively the US government has implemented the OPSC).The Committee will then meet with the US government delegation in 2017 once more before it issues its concluding recommendations. As this last session with the US government is public, we will let you know when that is scheduled, as well as share any concluding recommendations published by the Committee.