Meet the Interns!

It is always exciting to welcome new interns and enjoy seeing their reactions to walking into the United Nations for the first time! Here they are, at the UN front gate on their first day, ready for adventure. Amila Rodrigo SDS, and Susan Newland (representing the Brigidine Sisters) will introduce themselves in their own words here:2


Meet Amila!   I am Warnakulasuriya Amila Sudarshani Rodrigo, Religious name Sr. Amila Rodrigo, nationality Sri Lankan. My home town is Chilaw, in the south of Sri Lanka. In my family I have one brother and four sisters. My father is a driver and a farmer. My mother is a housewife and a lovely mother to each one of us. After I finished school I began working in my parish, getting involved with parish activities and working with a Lions Club (they work for the poor, build houses and help with education for children).  In the course of my work I met some Salvatorian Sisters who came to my parish to do a mission, then I shared with them that I wanted to join them, so here I am now. I joined the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Saviour in 1994, and made my first profession on February 13, 2000. My first apostolate was teaching in Kindergarten for 10 years, and doing social work. In 2006 I made my final profession. Now I am responsible for the mission activities in the province, such as working with programs for the poor, widows, children, and migrant women. Also this year I was sent to a village called Bosco pura, to serve survivors of the tsunami. Their lives are very pathetic. I love my ministry and I am challenged by every day. As a Salvatorian Sister, I take up my mission and am ready to be a shepherd to people who are like a flock without a shepherd. I am now getting touch with UNANIMA. It is a good experience for me and I am learning many things, and how to stand for the truth and do the right things.


Meet Susan!  “In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues   concerning the treatment of people are all the same.” (This comment written by Albert Einstein in an undelivered speech in 1955 is something I believe in.)  My name is Susan Newland. I am an Australian citizen from Adelaide in South Australia. Presently I work for Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) and am a member of ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against the Trafficking of Humans). I hold a Doctorate in Education, a Master’s degree in International Law & International Relations, a Master’s degree in Theological Studies and a number of other qualifications that reveal my love of learning and my need to understand the issues that affect us deeply as human beings in a fragile world. My aim is to work for the “matters of truth and justice” to which Einstein refers. I am privileged to have been sponsored by the Brigidine Sisters in Australia for an internship with UNANIMA. I have already observed some of the concerns that make up the tapestry of needs calling for debate and advocacy within the United Nations. And it is within this promise of hope that the UN represents, that I wish to stand alongside those whose voices are calling to be heard and bring their story to the UNANIMA community and all who will listen.