Meet the Interns!

Amitha Polimetla SDS is a Sister of the Divine Saviour (Salvatorian). Born and raised in Andhra Pradesh, South India, she was inspired by social work education which helped her to become aware of the needs of the poor. She completed a post-graduate degree in Social Work at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Her passion to serve people took her to various places to serve different age groups. She has worked with displaced peoples, urban community projects, and differently-abled children. Amitha has done awareness programs on welfare schemes of the government in tribal and rural areas. Her thesis on “Behavioral and Emotional Problems of School-Going Children” was one factor in her qualification for NET, which is an eligibility test to work as Assistant Professor in the colleges and universities of India. At present Amitha teaches Social Work in St. Joseph’s Arts & Science College, Bangalore, Karnataka. She makes use of this teaching as a tool to inspire many more students to be sensitive to the needy and to form social consciousness to work for the poor and marginalized sections of the society. Besides teaching, Amitha also coordinates the field work and summer internship program for undergraduate students in the Social Work department.

Judith Padasas CCV is a Carmelite of Charity-Vedruna (Philippines), and comes to UNANIMA with a passion to eradicate human trafficking. Her advocacy started in 2009, when the CCV Sisters of North America invited her to join a group of women religious meeting in Washington DC to discuss modern day slavery. Judy joined the Education and Awareness Committee of this group, where they committed themselves to raising awareness among youth about human trafficking with a focus on prevention. Back in the Philippines, she started this campaign alone in one high school. However, she quickly enlarged this mission to include various committees and additional public schools, in a small, poverty-stricken city. Since this campaign, she has collaborated with TALITHA KUM (formerly APWRATH) and has given talks throughout the country—and globe!—on human trafficking. In her education and advocacy, Judy stresses that educators must care for and enlist prevention techniques for their students continuously, even after their graduation, as this care is not only for the prevention of trafficking, but for their dignity as a person, for their life and future. Today, Judy is focusing on educating as many people as possible about human trafficking. She is steadfast in her belief that anyone and everyone can work as advocates against modern day slavery.

4Amitha (right) and Judy (left) bring so much energy and passion to the office! We know they will learn a lot and be very involved during their time with us. Here they are showing off the new “marching banner” designed by Tori Larson.