Meet the Interns

amanda and katherineSince we had no interns from member communities this semester, we provided the opportunity to some students from the nearby College of Mount Saint Vincent. Here’s what they are saying about it:

“Being an intern at UNANIMA international has been nothing but a blessing. Aside from meeting incredible people, I have learned valuable lessons. Being present at these conferences, I have learned a lot about what other people feel should be done around the world. It is an amazing feeling to know that there are people who feel just as strongly about a topic that needs to be addressed, and that there are important people who support it. There are many issues around the world that need attending to, but thanks to the help of the NGOs they are closer to being addressed. It is simply an amazing feeling to be part of this process in the making.” –Katherine Moreira (on right)

“Imagine you were given a drastic life changing opportunity, something like a dream come true. This is my story of how my dream came true. It’s not every day that an ordinary young lady from South Yonkers (New York) gets to intern for UNANIMA at the United Nations. My experience thus far has been beyond amazing and influential, and as I’ve mentioned earlier, completely life changing. In the little time I have been an intern at UNANIMA I’ve learned of some very important current global issues “
–Amanda Soliman (on left)