Meet Our New Interns!

On January 15 the office was suddenly full to overflowing, as fall intern Celia Martin NDS was joined by three new spring interns!  Here they are:

Mariam, Carol, Eloisa

Mariam Norick (aka Evelyn) RJM

“I was born in Pennsylvania, raised in Baltimore, and entered the Religious of Jesus and Mary in Hyattsville, Maryland. After teaching for 4 years in Hyattsville, I taught for a year in Pacoima, California, where I began learning the Urdu language. In 1965 I went to Pakistan and began serving in a village mission in an area recently reclaimed from the Thal Desert, where illiterate Christian farmers were eager for their children to have an education. I spent the next twenty years moving from the village to the slums of the newly constructed capital, Islamabad, and the underdeveloped area of Lahore, educating the oppressed and marginalized Christian community, establishing schools, working with youth groups, and empowering women. The last 11 years of my stay in Pakistan were spent in an area that is highly infiltrated by the Taliban. This school was an English medium school with a majority Muslim enrollment, in accord with our Pakistan Province’s mission statement–to work for the development of the oppressed Christian community and to foster inter-religious dialogue through education. Thus children of both communities would learn to respect, tolerate and befriend each other.  It was my joy to hand over both the community and school leadership to young women who had been students in my first village mission.”

Carol Regan SUSC—

“I came to the UANIMA internship after spending twelve years in the ministry of congregational leadership.  During those years, my congregation, the Holy Union Sisters, joined UNANIMA in response to a General Chapter mandate that we strengthen our preferential option for the poor and join with others to give a corporate practical response to injustice.  UNANIMA was a wonderful find for us!  Its concerns match our own and through its accreditation at the United Nations, it touches every country in which we find ourselves.  In my one week at UNANIMA, I have already seen glimpses of the human community at its best: women and men from across the globe, committed to work toward a culture of peace, mutual respect, and sustainable development for all.  I look forward to the countless opportunities to learn that will unfold for me in coming months!”

“I am S. Eloisa A. Holdiem SDS…

from the land of the rising sun—the Philippines. Salvatorians engaging in pastoral care for children in the Philippine region believe that partnerships and working at solutions begin with and at the community—the grassroots. Community organizing and empowering /capacitating women, children, young people and leaders is one of the major activities in our program. This is also on the UN’s development agenda for “Beyond 2015” and I feel blessed to have this three-month internship on the ‘busy grounds’ of the United Nations. I look forward to joining the UN in focusing more intently on and taking collective action for the people at the grassroots level, with the able guidance and support of UNANIMA International.”

Carol SUSC, Eloisa SDS, Mariam RJM, Celia NDS