Meet Our New Intern!

The Daughters of Wisdom have sent their first intern from the Province of Great Britain and Ireland. Jean Quinn DW is pictured here at a UN Department of Information briefing on the1 refugee crisis. Let Jean introduce herself, in her own words:  “Last June I completed ten years as Province Leader and was given a year’s sabbatical. I decided that UNANIMA would be part of the experience for me as with this group I found a ‘home space.’ I wanted to understand the filter by which issues get dealt with at the UN. Working in the area of justice for over 30 Years I wanted to be part of creating a more just and caring world! I also feel we are more than individual congregations, we are members of a worldwide group with a Global Vision. I want to be working for personal and systemic change for people and the earth. I see the experience as an adventure in Faith, Hope and Love.”   (And in the opinion of the whole UNANIMA staff, Jean is a great asset to our office!)